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STILL   time

Artists Sue Boettcher, James McFarlane, Don Rankin and Tricia Ross present new works for S T I L L time.

The Exhibition will be officially opened by former Carrick Hill CEO Richard Heathcote @ 6pm on Thursday, 22 February, 2024.

Celebrating life and beauty, STILL time explores aesthetics of the everyday that transcend the temporalities of Nature Morte tropes. Expanding on art historical themes of Vanitas and Memento Mori, this exhibition includes a contemporary twist with hints of playfulness, levity and revelry.

Sue Boettcher, James McFarlane, Don Rankin and Tricia Ross share a passion for translating 'things' into creative works through the act of drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and/or collage. Their individual endeavours reflect the intuitive choices of subject matter, scale and media that each employs. 

The Artists will all be present on opening night, and available to discuss works and their chosen processes in making. 



Exhibition Dates and Times

February 22, 6-8 pm

All remaining dates (above),
until 17 March 2024 - 
12 noon - 4 pm

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Image: James McFarlane, Silent Cries, 2022, oil on linen
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SALA 21 1 Cancel

Owing to the current covid-19 restrictions in place in South Australia, the open studio event planned for the weekend of 7 - 8 August, has been cancelled.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.  

S   T   I   L   L
OP022017 Blumen Abstraktes #14 (1587x2000)
Apparatus Electralia Ventillis - 230V AC 1PH 50~2A
Apparatus Electralia Ustullis - 240V 500W

Don Rankin Blumen Abstraktes #14

Sam Oster, Apparatus Electralia Ventillis - 230V AC 1PH 50~2A

Sam Oster, Apparatus Electralia Ustullis - 240V 500W

Lou Vadasz, Cock

Visual Artists Sue Boettcher, Dianne Gall, Sam Oster, Don Rankin, Tricia Ross, and Louise Vadasz, celebrate everyday objects or flora, as subject matter in their photographic or painted artworks. Jim Thalassoudis's cloudscapes are frozen moments in time. All are 'still'.

The works include a range - there are colourful and playful paintings; some monochromatic and moody photographic and painted studies, together with imagery that presents a different way of understanding everyday objects.

Studio Bowden is a spacious, covid-distancing friendly environment in which these 'Still' works will be exhibited. The artist's will be present at the opening event, and variously at other times during this 2021 Fringe exhibition.



 O p e n i n g

24 February 6 - 8pm


V i e w 

6  7  13  14  20  21  March  12noon - 4 pm


Artist Talk / Tintype portrait sittings 

  •  - make a booking for a sitting please - see Workshops page for   details/ cost of sitting.

21 March, 11am (talk), 11.30 - 4pm (portrait sittings)




Or by appointment - PM organiser on the Studio Bowden contact page .

Covid restrictions may apply.

B E C A U S E      WE    C A N N O T 


With the benefit of hindsight, the exhibition description for the Fringe guide (penned in August 2019) has proven somewhat prophetic. With weather extremes and multitudinous bushfires, we are indeed witnessing troubled times.  The Fringe guide Exhibition page information reads:

'It is the year 2019.  In the scheme of human life on earth, things seem rather cosy.  But are they really?  Are we in a comfortable space - or are we in for a future rocky ride, with extreme weather events and related consequences?  Can we take steps to avoid a climate tipping point?  This exhibition suggests that we must - 'Because We Cannot Not'.
Tricia Ross is a graduate of Adelaide Central School of Art, and is a PhD candidate in the School of Art Architecture and Design, UniSA.  Tricia is interested in the communicative ability of art to raise awareness about the climate crisis.  Working across a range of media, Tricia's work celebrates the beauty of the Australian landscape, but reveals an awareness about the fragility of these places in troubled times.'

Studio Hours

Visit on Friday 14 or 21, Saturday 15 or 22

Each day between 11 - 4 pm


Or contact me to arrange another time Contact


Adelaide Fringe 2020
Because We Cannot Not Tricia Ross 2020

More Plastic than Fish in the Ocean by 2050: Report Offers Blueprint for Change

World Economic Forum

W h a t    A r e    W e    L o o k i n g    A t ?

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O p e n   S t u d i o


Wednesday   August  7,   6 - 8 pm


Friday            August  9,  16,  &  23   -  11am -  4 pm


Saturday       August 10,  17,  &  24   -  11am - 4 pm

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Tricia Ross, 2018, Digital Image What are we looking at?

Studio Bowden artist Tricia Ross presents studies, propositional works and works in progress, testing visual ideas for her research led practice: practice led research based PhD (UniSA).


At a time of climate crisis, can artistic affect for the promotion of environmental law reform lead to equitable human / nature legislation in Australia?  What are we looking at?  Come and see. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.10.17 AM

Visit us at www.harvestexhibition.com

and like our social media pages to stay up to date!




The Harvest Exhibition is made up of seven emerging artists:

Renate Smitham

John Hopkinson

Ida Sophia

Rebecca Joannou

Victor Marillanca

Stephen Hunt

Pamela Ann Brangwen Jones

Harvest: @ Studio Bowden
starts  13/04/2019
ends    3/05/2019
sunday & saturday 10am-6pm
Harvest: @The Light Gallery
starts  13/5/2019
ends    21/6/2019
monday to thursday 9am-7pm
friday 9am-5pm

exhibition opening by

Dr Adam Jan Dutkiewicz
We're priveleged to have Dr Adam Dutkiewicz opening our exhibition on 12 April 2019.
A renowned artist and art critic in Adelaide with decades of personal history, and a family
history that extends far beyond his own lifetime, Dr Dutkiewicz principally now uses photography
as his artistic medium of choice.



In recent years, artists Sue Boettcher, Liz Butler, Caroline Johnson, Chris Langlois and Tricia Ross, have met at Oratunga Homestead - an annual art trip, providing inspiration for making in response to the natural beauty of northern Flinders Ranges.

Works on display during this exhibition reveal the range of media employed by individuals in the group, including photography, printmaking, collage, sculpture and painting, and will including studies made at Oratunga, and later studio pieces.

Property Owner Professor Gini Lee (Melbourne University), whose expertise lies in Landscape Architecture, will present a talk about the Oratunga Homestead, and the extensive efforts made to care for, and rehabilitate the land.


Opening 14 March, 6-8pm

Exhibition continues Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 March + Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 March, 11am - 5pm Daily, and by appointment (send request here).

Talk by Professor Gini Lee, 16 March 2pm

Artist talk by Chris Langlois, 16 March 2.30pm



Fringe small

P R I M A R Y   &   S E C O N D A R Y


A massive exhibition of new art and art made available again.

A chance to see gems from over 30 local and national artists, including:

Mark Ryden, Dianne Gall, Reg Mombassa,Jim Thalassoudis, Don Rankin, Jeff Soto, Tricia Ross, Deb Paauwe, Sally Morgan, Donovan Christie, Marion Borgelt, John Hart, Kate Breaker, Anne Ferran, Geoffrey Ricard, Stewart macFarlane, Peter Bok, Daryl Austin, Michelle Hiscock,  Graeme Drendel, Kudditji Kangwarre.... and more


Opening Night, Thursday 14 February 6 - 8 pm


Visit Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 February 11am - 5pm


Or by appointment


Visit Jim Thalassoudis and Tricia Ross


Open Studio Weekend 11 - 12 August 2018

Open Studios highlight the many wonderful working studios in South Australia. An Open Studio is a space where the general public can view an artist at work. 

Between 2 - 6 pm Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 August, you can come and see Jim and Tricia at work, ask questions, and speak to Jim about the Masterclass he will run at Studio Bowden in November - Workshop details on the Workshop link above (Enrol)


Endometriosis (Reclamation)[1]
Ellie Kammer, Endometriosis (Reclamation), Painting, 122 x 153 cm

An intimate look at the relationship between Endometriosis, a chronic and incurable disease, and it's host.

To be opened by Logan Macdonald
Adelaide Public Art Planner

'The Host' is a continuation of the artist's discussion of Endometriosis - an incurable condition quietly devastating 1 in 10 women. In this exhibition, Kammer deals with the expansive impact of chronic illness through a series of revealing self-portraits and a video installation.

16-26 Aug

View - Sat 18 and 25, Sun 19 and 26, 10am-5pm
Opening Event - 16 Aug , 06:00 pm-08:00 pm


Artist Talk - Ellie Kammer in conversation. 25 Aug 11:00am - $10 Entry Fee


For more information visit Ellie Kammer's website: THE HOST

Veil Fringe Image



Olympia Antoniadis






Voyeuristic and playful, VCA graduate Artist Olympia Antoniadis allures the viewer into quiet spaces exploring the domestic territories of others. In this series the room acts as a familiar space, intimate and calm expressing the most benign potential of human life. The walls of these interior spaces construct boundaries around the figures, inspiring new narratives and relations. Whilst dividing them from the outside world Antoniadis' simultaneously constructs an internal world of her own. Antoniadis' fixation with fabric lends itself to the moulding and flesh like nature that envelops the human figure, softly moulding forms and provoking a playground of possibilities. Her paintings are often focused on the mundane where common occurrences are shifted and provoked by the figures that emerge

Opening: 23 February 6 - 8pm


View: 24 + 25 February 12 noon - 4pm

And:   2 + 3 + 4 March 12 noon - 4pm,

Or, by appointment (contact studio)




Adele Dubarry

Frances Griffin

Tsering Hannaford

Sonia Hender

Marlene Kingdon

Amanda Lawler

Tricia Ross

Lou Vadasz


Opening: 14 September at 6pm- 8pm.

View: Thursday 14- Sunday 17  and Thursday 21 - Sunday 24 September, 12 noon - 4pm.

This is an exhibition of paintings and print works  by 8 artists, who have in common the making of works inspired by the land, or the enjoyment and awareness of place or a state of being.

Scapes, anticipates the representation of the physical and metaphysical- in representation or abstraction.

Traditionally, women have not enjoyed equality in exposure in prizes that celebrate landscape. Over its history, only a small number of women have been annointed as winner of art prizes focusing on landscape. For example, the Wynne prize.

Many of the works to displayed are abstractions, or interpretations of place. They are distillations of the essence of the place, or an interpretation of observed elements."



Donovan Christie


Basic CMYK
Donovan Christie - Civil Liberty

"A breeze, a forgotten summer, a smile, all can fit into a storefront window".

Donovan's paintings encapsulate a more - modest time, immortalising a fading era.

27 July - 13 August

Opening 27 July, 6 - 9pm

Thursday - Sunday, 11am - 4pm




Il Ritorno

Trans-Studio - Adelaide Fringe 2017

To be opened by John Neylon, art critic The Adelaide Review

Artist Talk by Angela Cavalieri:   2 March @ 5 pm

Opening:  2 March @ 6 - 8pm

Workshop (enrolment required):  3 March @ 10am - 1pm

Exhibition open:  24,25 and 26 February, 3,4 and 5 March, 12pm - 4pm



Artists Sue Boettcher, Angela Cavalieri, Geoff Gibbons, Amanda Lawler and Tricia Ross all work in different studios, but have in common the link of having worked in the same studio (Scuola) in Venice. Hence the concept of trans-studio.

The prefix trans, is used to denote the concept of across and beyond.

A recent YouTube video of Melbourne based artist, Angela Cavalieri, printing large scale linocut works, using paint on canvas, can be seen here:

Details of the Fringe Guide information can be seen here:

Ruddy Turnstones

Print Council of Australia 50th Anniversary,

2016, The Year of Print Exhibitions

Year of Print

Year of Print 2016

In 2016, PCA will celebrate its 50th anniversary with the Year Of Print (#PCAYoP2016). This project will create a meeting point for Australian artists, Australian and international art lovers, art students and arts media through a full year of exhibitions, competitions, workshops and residencies. The Year of Print will foster discussion on contemporary practices and promotion of printmaking and works on paper.

Opening: 13 October 2016, 6 - 8 pm

Visit: 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 & 23 October, 12 noon - 4 pm

Collection of works purchased: 23 October 4 - 5 pm

Immersion: Fleurieu Peninsula
October 13 - October 23
Studio Bowden, 91A Drayton St
Bowden, SA 5006 AUSTRALIA
#pcayop16, Year of Print, PCA Year of Print, Year of Print 2016, Print Council of Australia
The Ruddy Turnstones continue on their journey of printmaking investigation and response to South Australian country and coast. Seminal to the group’s formation was a desire to collectively immerse themselves in landscape and draw inspiration from the experience. ‘Immersion KI’ in 2014 was their kick-off point. Now presented is ‘Immersion: Fleurieu Peninsula’.

See Print Council site