E A R T H   m a t t e r s

UniSA, SASA Gallery

Opening 9 March, 2023, 4 - 6pm

View: Fridays until 31 March, 10am - 5pm (or by appointment)




HDR PhD Exhibition

2023 Exhibitions

Tricia Ross Lapsed 2022 SASA copy.jpg



Tricia Ross' interdisciplinary research addresses the perilous state of the planet in the age of the Anthropocene. Bringing together printmaking, archive materials, photography, and painting, Earth matters confronts environmental impacts while imploring us to act on biocentric justice.

Weaving legal thinking and creative making, Ross draws our attention to the ongoing struggle to enact climate policies and proposes that in the face of irreversible climate change, ecological concerns require consideration about laws that do not currently exist.

Hope is a future where adverse climate impacts are mitigated.

OPENING / We warmly invite you to the at the SASA Gallery for the opening of Tricia Ross: Earth matters exhibition to view the culmination of her research.

Thursday 9 March, 4–6 pm.

Exhibition Works Themes and Quick Reference [QR] codes:


EARTH matters Works QR #1 Title Info
Vanitas for a Changing World
We can do this: Marching Through a Sea of Plastic
Everything is Connected #1
Everything is Connected #2
Everything is Connected #2
Not Just a Pretty Picture
Worthy of a Pedestal?png
Qui Sentit Commodum Sentire Debet Et Onus
Manifesto for Earth Governance
Lawless Commons : Law-Full Lands
City : Sea
Propositional visual ideas


Urban Visions, SALA 2015

James Muecke

Urban Visions2

James Muecke's Exhibition Urban Visions enjoyed a busy and successful opening on 23 July, 2015.  In excess of 150 people attended the opening, with many additional visits over the following weekends.  Profits from sales of works support Sight for All (see details on the Exhibitions page).

Urban Visions /15

Open Studio - SALA

Celebrating a Venice Residency (Sue Boettcher, Amanda Lawler and Tricia Ross)


Over the weekend of 8 and 9 August, Sue Boettcher, Amanda Lawler and Tricia Ross displayed studies and imagery from their individual 2015 Residency experiences at the Scuola Inernazionale di Grafica, Venice (see details on the Exhibition page).

DSC_5910 DSC_5909