Warning: May Contain Traces of Plastic


Oil on linen with metal name plate, 63.5 x 73.6 cm (framed), 2022.


This work is about the relationship between consumerism and the natural world.

Humankind created plastic and impacted the natural world.  Now the natural world is impacting humans.

Using paint and text to fashion a nineteenth century aesthetic, this contemporary work remembers still life genres of days past, hinting at reverence for delectable culinary treats. But with scientific findings of microplastics present in octopods (exemplar of mass ocean pollution), Ross implies: do we dine?

The purpose in planning the composition was to question whether consumer protection laws must now be amended to provide caution? Scientific findings acknowledge that microplastics are part of, and impact the natural world that is our food bowl.

Whilst seemingly playful, provocative intent underpins this work in the hope of awakening the need to support governance for reduction of plastic production, use and disposal.