Propositional visual ideas for future resolution and other ephemera seen in two Vitrines:


A Sure Shore 2022 – stoneless lithography durolar plates with oil on myolar painted study.

Multiple exposures / multiple sites 2021: black and white film 6 x 9 cm contact print strip, colour reversal 6 x 9 cm film positive strip (both capture with Zeiss Ikon), in addition to colour reversal film 6 x 6 cm (capture Mamiya C330).

‘Umbrella Law’ thinking for Global Climate governance 2022: Digital image printed on Awagami Kozo (thick) paper, provisionally conceived as Climate Justice needs NO borders: What the World needs now is International Climate Change Governance.

Law-less Commons and Law-full Lands digital print on Awagami Kozo (thick) paper.

Life Magazine, August 1955, featuring the article ‘Throwaway Living’.

Photopolymer Toyobo KM95 etched printing plate: coastal scene (like those printed in the Lapsed series.

Solastalgia: Photopolymer Toyobo KM95 plate, etched text for embossing.

Three aluminotype wet plate collodion 5” x 7” plates from the series We Can do This: Marching Through a Sea of Plastic 2021.

A selection of 6 x 6 cm prints (Ilford Provia film stock) captured at Encounter Bay, Horseshoe Bay and Hayborough – all South Australia, 2020 – 2022 with Mamiya C220 capture.

Black and White print of Mamiya 645 (6 x 45 cm) Ilford Acros Film capture at Knights Beach, South Australia (coastal rock at low tide detail).

Photo Joiners: Coast 2020.