Propositional works and working materials


The 2 vitrines include examples of the printing plates, medium and large scale negatives, additional collodion wet-plate series of works (including 3 plates from the We can do this: Marching through a sea of plastic series).

The giclee print on archival fibre rag, Lawless Commons / Law-Full Lands, 2022, 50.8 x 121 cm, identifies the extensive areas of our planet that are connected, polluted and impacted by climate events.  At the date of commencing this project, neither pollution nor climate change were well regulated. However, this month (March 2023), 193 nations have come together to ratify a Treaty to protect the High Seas, and to this extent, some protection and hope for regeneration is anticipated. Past treaties and conventions as purport to govern the high seas, have had provisions that enable plunder as opposed to provisions for environmental protection.



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